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Shibboleth Access to Resources on the NGS (SARoNGS)

The purpose of this service is to provide a simple mechanism to obtain the security tokens required to access the National Grid Service. This service uses the UK Access Management Federation to identify people using Shibboleth. Using this information, this service will create a Grid Certificate* upon an authenticated request. It will allow users to assert their membership to an institute within the federation and potentially their role within that institute via VOMS Attribute Assertion**.

The normal way to access this service is via a Grid Portal. A list of SARoNGS enabled portals can be found below:

SARoNGS is intended for entry level grid computing. As such the credentials are not fully recognised outside of the United Kingdom, and each credential lasts only for 9 hours. If your project requires you to access resources outside of this domain then you are encouraged to apply for a UK eScience Certificate (Please visit the NGS website for details).

* A grid certificate is a cryptographic token (cf X.509 certificate) that contains details identifying an individual in a way that grid computing resources are able to understand and verify.

** A VOMS Attribute Assertion is cryptographic token which is inserted into a Grid Certificate. It is a verifiable statement by a Virtual Organisation that the bearer (Identified by the Grid Certificate) is a member of that Virtual Organisation, and may also indicate their role within the VO.